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Partner Visa Granted for Ms. ZHANG




Ms. ZHANG had been working incredibly hard to obtain a skilled migrant visa after finishing her studies in Australia. However, the quota for the accountant the external editor occupations was strictly limited and the competition was unbelievably fierce. It could well take a few years before she would be able to receive the invitation to apply for a visa, by which time her visa would have expired for a long time.

After consulting with us, she decided to apply for a partner visa. Although she had been in a de facto relationship with her partner for well over two years, she did not specifically keep evidence for the relationship. Her case seemed weak initially, but we advise her to well utilise the documents on hand and submit an application that was acknowledged by the visa assessment officer.

By the time a decision was made, her relationship with her partner had been over three years and the visa officer even decided to grant her the permanent stage partner visa in addition to the temporary stage visa. She obtained a visa in about seven months which could well have taken three to four years with the professional help from Auswin!