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How to get proof of COVID-19 vaccination?




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Get proof of COVID—19 vaccination? IHI

Students in Australia, future trips, return to school, etc. may require a proof of COVIC-19 vaccination. So how to get a vaccination proof or certificate? Then you need to have an Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI).

An Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI) is a unique number used to identify an individual for health care purposes. 

It helps ensure health professionals are confident that the right information is associated with the right individual at the point of care. 

You already have an IHI if any of the following apply: 

  • you have a Medicare card 

  • you have a DVA card 

  • you’re enrolled in Medicare 

If you’re not eligible for Medicare or a DVA benefit, find out how to get an IHI. 

You can use your IHI to get proof of your COVID-19 vaccinations.