We have compiled a list of questions that have been asked by many clients for your reference.


Q: Should I keep my health insurance after obtaining my 485 graduate visa?

A: Most temporary visa holders are not eligible to enrol in the Medicare programme in Australia. It is a visa condition to maintain health insurance for the 485 graduate visa. So yes, you should most definitely keep the health insurance used when applying for the visa.


Q: How can I claim points of work experience for my skilled visa?
A: Your work experience is only eligible to claim skill migration points if meets the following conditions: highly relevant to your nominated occupation, full-time (at least 20 hours per week)

Q: I wish to apply for the Tasmanian state nomination, but Can I do my health examination check in Melbourne?

A: As long as the health examination is done through a panel physician recognised by the Department of Home Affairs, it will be recognised. A full list of accredited panel physicians can be found on the official website of the department.



Q: I want to apply for a 189 permanent skilled visa, but I have not received my skills assessment. I do have a reference number, so can I submit my EOI first?

A: You can submit an EOI at any time but the information included must be current at any time. Therefore, it is advisable to submit the EOI when you receive the outcome of the skills assessment.


Q: How long do I need to wait to apply for Australian citizenship after I get my PR?

A: You must have lived in Australia for more than three years in the four years immediately before you submit your Australian citizenship application. Additionally, you must not have been an unlawful non-citizen (staying in Australia without a visa as a foreigner) at any time during these four years.




Q: If my results are lower than the indicative ATAR for a course, can I still get in? 

A: We can explore pathway courses for you and you may not even need to spend more time to get your desired degree.


Q: What programmes usually have higher EAL requirements?

A: Generally speaking, Nursing or Medical related, Education, Law and Media courses have higher (35 study scores) than normal (30 study scores) EAL requirements. In addition, some other programmes have other prerequisite requirements such as maths and sciences. Please discuss with us for more information.


Q: I am very interested in design courses. Is there anything that I need to prepare in advance?

A: Design courses usually require students to provide a portfolio or attend interviews. Candidates will only be considered if they can pass these additional assessments.


Q: I am a straight-A student, so why do I need your service?

A: We will offer professional options based on your results and interests and we will take care of all the technical and boring staff (visa, forms, calls) so that you can concentrate on your studies.


Q: What exactly can you do for me?

A: We provide the following services for VCE students,

  • a. Course consultation

  • b. VTAC/UAC/QTAC... account creation and management

  • c. Keeping your files and documents as your proxy when you are in you home country during holiday.

  • d. Providing recommendations to you as soon as the results are released and assisting you in changing your course preferences

  • e. Assisting you to accept your offer and get the Cofirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

  • f. Helping you apply for a student visa

  • g. Course enrolment and registration assistance